It’s funny how kids connect. If I’m sitting with a group of 5th grade boys, I might talk about my favorite video game. If I’m talking with 3rd grade girls, I might talk about… well, girly stuff. 🙂 When we show interest in the things that they’re interested in, it builds report. I’m not just saying that you learn a few lines or do a little “research” so you can be relatable. You actually need to know what you’re talking about, kids see through the fake.

Well, when communicating to over 400 kids during a week of camp, I kept thinking about what that kinds of things I could do to connect with the whole audience. For me it was simple. Titus. Titus is a really cute and outgoing three year old and he just happened to be at camp with me (even if he wasn’t there, I still could have used him). Kids love younger kids and they loved Titus. I talked about Titus quite a bit in my messages, telling them stories of things he does that relate to what I’m teaching. It stuck. I felt like every kid at camp came to talk to me about Titus and every kid wanted to give Titus high-fives and hugs. He was a camp rock start… and it helped me connect with all these kids.

I noticed how quickly these kids were connecting to my son, so I actually made this video to illustrate a point on my last night… and the kids went nuts! So, just an idea to throw out there. Do whatever you can to connect with your kids.