Okay, so maybe it won’t. I reluctantly started using Twittter about a year ago. Honestly, I was giving into peer pressure. Everyone else was doing it.

I didn’t get it. What’s the point. From a distance I was watching people experiment with it to better connect with volunteer or parents. It didn’t seem to be working. However, it didn’t go away. I continued to hear people talk about it and blog about it. I figured I’d give it a shot. I signed up for an account and started writing about what I was doing. Yawn. My family would poke fun at me a little. “Who cares that you’re running to the movie store to pick up a movie.”

Then I went to the Orange Conference. That was my turning point. First I went to Buckhead Church a few days before the conference. While sitting in the audience with my iPod touch in hand, I watched as Los Whit and others sent out tweets between songs. I was amazed. I was experiencing a well planned and beautiful worship set all while getting to “listen in” on the direction happening behind the scenes. A few days later I was at Orange and using my cell phone to send tweets. I didn’t have internet access, but when I was back in my room I’d see all the conversations that were happening around me. I was just seeing what Twitter could be.

Last year I went to Orange. I’d been blogging a little over a year and using Twitter for a little over a month. I’d made a few connections and I was excited as I knew two or three people who were going to be at Orange, people I had met through the blogosphere or Twitter. It was unreal to meet these two or three people. Now just a few months away from Orange I’m wanting to organize some kind of Tweetup. I know of dozens of people I’ve met through twitter who will be at Orange. Dozens. I can’t wait. Up until this point, I’ve always been so excited to go to conferences to soak in and learn. Now I’m just as excited to meet people I’ve been communicating with for months. I get to shake their hand or hug their neck. I’m a little worried I’m not going to balance my time well. I’m coming to Orange with my team. There’s a great opportunity to invest in them, connect with them and unpack what we’re all learning. However, it’s also a great time for me to network, connect and expand my relationships. Thanks to Twitter, I’ve got tweeps to meet!

So, if you’r going to Orange and you’re a reader of this blog or a follower on Twitter, let’s meet up. If there isn’t already a Tweetup scheduled, let’s get one going. My suggestion? The Varsity by Texas Tech. It’s big, their open late and they’ve got the worlds best onion rings.