I have so many posts to write… but I don’t know when they’ll come out. Many of my posts are inspired by something I read online or a site that I found. Right now I have 36 tabs open in Firefox. Yes, I said 36. Most of them are things I need to write. So, I’ll try to tackle some of them this week. Here are some of the reasons why I’m not nailing these things out right now: Oh and I know.. it’s probably not good to have 36 tabs open right now. I close down Firefox often and restart (I love how it saves my tabs and opens them up again when I restart).

  • This weekend I had my baptism class during two of our services. We had 45ish kids and their parents to learn about baptism.
  • This weekend I had a good friend of mine and his girlfriend come visit and stay with us for the weekend. He’s a teenager who just graduated from High School. While kayaking out on Lake Austin, I dropped my camera in 1 inch of water. Pray for the camera!
  • Sara and I had two international students over to our house on Sunday night for dinner. They’re both from Iraq… just got here from Iraq on Tuesday. It was a fascinating dinner and I learned a LOT! And yes… I asked about how they felt about the war.
  • My good friends Joel and Heidi Hayslip (and their kids Jakob and Silas), missionaries to West Africa) arrived on Monday afternoon. They’ll be staying with us this week.
  • I have my first set of Parent 411 meetings this Sunday… I’m still not sure exactly what we are going to cover.
  • We’ll be baptizing well over 50 people this Sunday night.
  • I had an interim elementary director start on Monday and an interim Early Childhood coordinator start on Sunday.
  • I still need to recruit about 15 small group leaders within the next 30 days.

Well, I think that’s enough for now. I need to go to bed, it’s 3:00 AM and I have meetings at 9:00 AM.