If you have a gmail account as well as mail accounts through Google Apps, you might have recently encountered issues with logging into your various account. I have three separate gmail accounts, one through Gateway, a long-time personal gmail account as well as an account for this blog. Last week I got notifications about migrating some new updates through my Google Apps account. The idea behind this update is to give Google Apps users the same access to services that gmail users get. What I didn’t realize was how in one browser, I could only be logged into one account at a time. Typically I’ll have one tab open for each of my email accounts, but with the migration changes, you can only log into one account at a time. It’s been an irritating mess for the last 3-4 days. Well, I just found a solution.

If you’ve experienced what I described, you can now enable “multiple sign-in.” Just go to google.com and log into any one of your google apps/gmail accounts. Once you’re signed in, just go click on the “down arrow” to the right of your name/email. Select “account settings.” There you will see a button to click to enable “Multiple Sign-In.” By default it is off. Just click edit and turn it on. Now when you click on the down arrow by your name/email, you have the option to sign in an out of multiple accounts. You can switch back an forth between accounts or simply have a different account open in separate tabs.

Not sure if this has affected anyone else, but if it has, here is a solution. Click here to see a little tutorial that I found.