I’ve had a fantastic Christmas, but it almost didn’t happen!

Many of those who follow me on twitter knew what was going on and were praying for us. They saw the whole ordeal unfold.

For the past few weeks, Titus has been fighting off colds and stomach bugs. Last Sunday he was hit hard. We’ve never seen him so sick. He was throwing up, congested and downright lethargic. He’d just lay in his crib or or arms… so sad. We had plans to drive from Austin, TX to Atlanta, GA after our last Christmas Eve service. I wasn’t too concerned about Titus being sick since it was still several days away. Since he was so sick, Sara wasn’t feeling great and Sara had a lot on her plate as well, I kicked into over drive to get us ready. I tried to sanitize our house and catch up on laundry. On Sunday I did 6-7 loads. Monday and Tuesday came and Titus wasn’t getting any better. He hadn’t kept down solid food since Saturday afternoon and our trip was defiantly in jeopardy.

By Tuesday night, we knew we wouldn’t be driving to GA the next day. My brother (incredibly generous) offered to fly us out the next day instead. However, Titus was in no condition to fly. He was just so week. On Christmas Eve, Sara and I talked about what we wanted to see to even consider traveling. We wanted to see Titus eating solid food again and sitting up and playing. He still hadn’t eaten since Saturday and hadn’t played since Sunday.

Well, just before bedtime, he ate a jar of baby food and started babbling. A ray of hope. Then at 5:00 in the morning, he woke up screaming. He was HUNGRY. He downed two big jars of baby food before falling asleep again. Sara and I woke up at about 10:30 and by that time Titus was up and running around the house again. Go God! My brother bought our tickets and within two hours (it was a very stressful and crazy two hours) we were on the road to DFW to fly out to Atlanta. By 11:00 that nigh, we were hanging out with family in the mountains of North Georgia.

So, that’s pretty much what happened. It was a crazy week, but a great Christmas nonetheless. I think next year we’ll just stay home.