I’m on vacation. Since my parents came in town to take care of Titus as Sara and I left the country, I took a few days off before we left for vacation. From my experience, I am going to highly encourage the practice. It’s like getting warmed up before the big vacation. I’ve heard some people say that it’s best to take vacation and be gone for two weeks straight as you don’t really unwind until midway thorough the first week.

All I can say is that today was near perfect. I say near perfect only because I was a bit naughty and did a few minutes worth of work. It was Sunday and I took my parents with me to church. Unless I had worn a disguise, it would have been about impossible to not get caught in conversations. Actually, when I told people I was on vacation, people were very encouraging of me to get out of the kids building. The problems was that I had to drop Titus off and I was giving my parents a tour. I guess the sure fire solution would be to not go to my own church. Maybe next time.

My day? Oh, like I said. It was almost perfect.

  • I got to sleep in.
  • I took Titus and my parents to church.
  • I got to ride the duck boat to the off-site parking (totally cool).
  • At a great lunch at home and chilled out for a few hours.
  • My mom, Sara and I took Titus swimming (always a treat).
  • We all went to the Oasis for dinner and saw the most breath-taking sunset I’ve seen.
  • Stopped for Amy’s Ice Cream on the way home and I had a delicious desert.
  • Sara and I and my parents played a card game (PIT) for about 2 hours.

How great is that? Looking forward to this vacation kicking into high gear. I can’t wait!!!