Are you looking for a ministry job? Have you been hoping to make a transition to something different? Sensing that the Holy Spirit is saying that your time is up where you are currently? Well, here are two possible options.

Some friends of mine in ministry recently told me about openings they have on their teams. The first job is as a director of Elementary Ministry at Austin Ridge Bible Church. My friend John Sorrell is the Children’s Pastor and I think it would be a real treat to work on his team. They’ve got a great facility and a quickly growing church in one of the coolest parts of Austin, TX. Let me tell you, this could be a GREAT opportunity for you! So, if you’re interested, check out the job posting here. Make haste, this position has been “out there” for several weeks!

The other posting is for an Elementary Ministry Coordinator in Northern California. I won’t share my personal opinion about California (lots of fruits and nuts)… oops, I just did. However, I’ve been to Northern California and I simply could not imagine actually living is such a place. I’ve spent a little time with Christiaan VandenHeuvel and he’s AMAZING! Definitely check out this incredible opportunity.

Feel free to ask me questions, but I don’t know much. Just do what the links tell you to do.