index_02About six or seven year I ran into these guys at the CPC in Atlanta. I didn’t really have a definitive source for Bibles or other books. When I needed to buy Bibles by the case, I haven’t found anyone who can beat Harvest. When I was using curriculum from one of the major publishers, I found that I could buy it at a discount from Harvest rather than the publisher. As churches, we’re always looking for opportunities to save some money and stretch our ministry budgets. Harvest can help with that.

Here’s a little secret though. Don’t rely on just their website. Several years ago I was designing a small group/discipleship program for elementary aged kids. Depending on what grade you were in determined what books and supplies you needed. There were books that I’d picked up from trade booths at conferences and from the shelves at local Christian bookstores. Once I knew what I wanted, I sent Harvest the list of books and Bibles I needed. They always beat the best prices I could find and often floored me with the savings. So, if you need to pick up Children’s Ministry books and Bibles, be sure to check with Harvest before you make a purchase.

In case you’re wondering, I wrote this post simply to pass the information along. Harvest doesn’t know I’m writing this. Other than a case of gift Bibles for Child Dedication I ordered six months ago, I haven’t ordered from them in a few years. The truth is that I had misplaced their information and a few days ago I came across their site. I figured I’d blog about them to share the love and so that I wouldn’t loose their information again. Yes, I blog for me as much as I do for you… it also serves as my public address book and idea pot.