Last month I wrote about my current dysfunction. Basically, I’ve been too busy for my own good. I’ve put ministry before God and my family. The source of this dysfunction comes a little from poor time management skills, some from failure to delegate effectively and mostly on a failure to create healthy boundaries.

Shortly after I wrote that post, I had a talk with my manager about my unhealthy pace. Together we set up a plan for success. I often find that there are too many distraction at the office. Sometimes I’ll get pulled into a meeting or a conversation that wasn’t planned. These aren’t bad things, but I end up getting way behind in email, phone calls or other projects. So, my new plan has me working from home on Mondays and Wednesdays until 1:00 PM. This allows me to catch up/get ahead on all “my” projects and tasks. This also ensures I won’t me working late on Sunday and Tuesday nights to get caught up, I’ll have time the following mornings. I also made a commitment to totally unplug from work two nights a week. For me that was Thursday and Friday nights.

I’m in a small group on Thursdays with some guys from work. In 2009 we’re reading through the Bible together. After reading through the law, each of us felt conviction about our neglect of the sabbath. We often stress honoring the tithe to our church, yet neglect the sabbath ourselves. As a group we decided to honor the sabbath Old Testament style. We start at sundown on Friday and finish at sundown on Saturday. That allows us to get back into work-mode on Saturday night yet still honor God and our families.

Well, I’ve been practicing this for three weeks now. I failed miserably one week (some special circumstances came up) but the other two weeks have been awesome. I’ve found that I’ve been significantly more productive and I’ve have better connection time with my family for sure. I am on the path to a healthy pace. As long as I keep these boundaries, I’ll jut need to continue to work on the delegation and time management skills.

The future looks bright!