I’ve got two new features on Children’s Ministry Online. One I’ve had live for a few weeks and the other I installed today.

CommentLuv – This feature is active by default. When leaving a comment on my post, you have the option of leaving your website URL. If the URL you leave is your blog, then CommentLuv will find your most recent post and display it’s title and a link back to that post. The blogosphere is all about sharing and connecting… so be sure to take advantage of CommentLuv and promote your blog on my site!

Comment Subscription via Email – I’m the most excited about this feature. Have you ever left a comment on a blog post where you really wanted to keep up with what others were saying in their comments. Typically you have to remember to go back periodically and read the comments. Not anymore. With this feature, you can be notified of future comments on the post you commented on. No, you won’t start getting email notifications on every comment on every post, just the ones you select. You can also return later and turn the notification off. However, this feature is not “on” by default. So, if you want to get notifications, be sure to select the box.