Okay, you’re going to start thinking that I like to re-design registration cards for fun. Actually, it is kind of fun. So back in October, we redesigned the registration card we were using. Functionally speaking, it was just about perfect. However, as soon as it was done and after I posted it here, I realized something I was missing. The Children’s Ministry at Gateway has had somewhat of an “old world” feel thing going on. It looks great, but we’re wanting to move the look and feel in a different direction. Something more vibrant, fun and colorful. So I don’t know what I was thinking by redesigning our registration card to look “old world.” So, I sent this back to our graphic artist and she changed the feel. It’s a two sided card (doesn’t cost hardly anything to print on the other side) so we had our logo (the one we’re using now until re totally re-brand) splashed on the back. Let me know what you think.



BTW, on the last post, someone asked about what we do if a friend brings someone and how we handle that. Next week I’m working on a supplement to handle that as well as keep our records accurate.

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