17244_391474885213_391474385213_10486452_2099418_nHey kidmin peeps! In case you didn’t know, a new book is coming soon. I’m very excited about this book for multiple reason.

1. It’s about the church working with the family. It’s not just a hot topic in ministry today, it’s what’s most important in my ministry world right now.

2. It’s a collaborative project. I collaborate on a regular basis with other Kidmin leaders like Sam Luce, Matt McKee, Gina McClain and Jonathan Cliff. I wish I’d started collaborating like this years ago. So not only am I going to read about ministry to the family, but I get to read about it from the perspectives of some of biggest leaders in Children’s Ministry today.

3. I’m one of the authors. I’m so honored to have been asked to participate. I’m humbled to share in this project with several of my ministry heroes. But it’s also been a joy to share in this experience with good friends.

So, this book is in the final stages right now! It should be a great read and I’m sure it’s going to look great on your bookshelf.

Funny Story: Okay, so when asked to write a chapter, I was a little optimistic one when I could get it done. In the end, I was a week late. A few hours before sending my chapter to Michael Chanley, I sent it to Jonathan Cliff to read over. I was very excited about the topic. He replied with one brief sentence, “Kenny, did you read the instructions.” Crud! I totally did write off topic. So I spent the next two days (which happened to be my days off) rewriting. So, if anyone’s putting together another book, I’ve already got a chapter ready to submit. 🙂

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It will be available from Amazon for pre-release on March 8th, and will officially release on Monday, April 26th (the first day of the Orange conference).