A few months ago, I began “reinventing” this website. childrensministryonline.com is about to turn ten years old and I wanted to infuse new life into this site. One of the ways to do that was to bring some additional voices to the writing team. Beginning this month, you’ll begin to see articles/posts form a variety of authors and contributors. I’m leaning into my vast network of peers for guest posts and collecting the best ideas from some of the best leaders in ministry from all around the world. However, I made a strategic decision to bring on a few people who would write on a consistent basis. You’re going to start hearing form them this week and I’m so excited to share their leadership on this platform. Let me introduce them to you:

jenndayJenn Day is my friend. We actually worked together at Cross Timbers Community Church many moons ago. We’ve been good friends over the years and have both benefited from each other’s leadership. She’s currently the Global Children’s Pastor at Cross Timbers in Argyle, TX. In addition to what she’s doing now, She was a school teacher in Texas and Arkansas and she has served as a contributing writer and an Orange Specialist for the ReThink Group. You’re going to love what she has to say!

MitchMitch Royer is another good friend of mine. Mitch is a Children’s Pastor at Life Austin just 10 miles away from where I serve at Gateway. Unfortunately there is a lake, a river, some Texas hills and about a million people between us, so it still takes 45 minutes to and hour just to get to where he is. He’s an out-of-the-box thinker and has a larger than life personality and leadership style. I feel better every time I’m around this guy and he has a lot to say about both ministry wins and areas he’d love to do over again.


Erin English is a bit of a unique story. I met her right here, in the comment sections of this blog. She’s been an active reader and commenter for years and I’ve always appreciated her desire to look at problems from every angle and excitement to adopt new systems to improve the ministry she leads. Since the early day of blog comments, I’ve been able to meet Erin, do some training with her team and gotten to know some of her teammates. You’re going to love reading what Erin has to say!

Isn’t this exciting? It’s like a new day here and I’m so thrilled to introduce these staff writers to the childrensministryonline.com world. I’m expecting some great conversations as we continue to share new ideas and grow together!

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