Talk about accountability. I’ve been telling people around the office that I’m not drinking any more coke (for you Yankees, that would include all forms of “soda,” “pop” or even “soda-pop”). About 5 years ago I gave up regular coke. Within a short time I lost about 10 pounds. Since then I’ve been a diet drinker. Let me tell you, I love my Diet Pepsi. But no more. First of all, Sara I realized that we’re spending somewhere close to $30 a month on coke for the house. So, at the beginning of the summer we stopped buying coke for the house. This was for a purely financial motivation. We still drink coke if we’re eating out, but around the house we’ve been drinking Kool Aid! OH YEAH! Actually we’re too cheap for Kool Aid. We’ve been drinking “Flavor Aid.”

But I’ve had enough. Sure we’re saving money, but I don’t feel healthy. Due to my height and build, I carry my weight very, very well. Most people are surprised by how much I way. Believe it or not, but I way more than that average Sasquatch and I don’t want to weigh more than a Sasquatch. I got on my scale the other night and it went all the way around and touched the zero. I don’t know that it matters what number my scale actually goes to, but what really matters is that the needle did a full circle. Scale needles were never meant to get that kind of movement.

So, I started by eliminating the sweet junk. No more sodas and no more sweets that seem to be stashed everywhere around my office. No more Marshmallow Mateys. In addition I’ll be running in the evenings. It’s been a while since I’ve had a healthy exercise routine. So, I’m looking forward to making that a regular practice in my life again. In a few months I’ll be heading off to a very nice vacation with my wife and I’d really like to enjoy some hiking and other outdoor activities. I believe that getting healthy now will help me enjoy my time off much more.

So if you see me sipping on a Diet Pepsi, you have my permission to punch me in the neck.