Gaddis22Here is a link to a web site my wife came across the other day. CAUTION! Don’t got there yet… let me prep you as you may not want to go there. Trust me!

My wife met someone recently who is a volunteer photographer for a foundation called “Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep.” I had no idea anything like this existed and it’s simply powerful. Perhaps there are photographers at your church who’d be willing to volunteer for something like this. I can think of few things more touching that this.

Here’s the deal. Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep is a network of volunteer photographers who go to hospitals and homes to take pictures of children who have passed away shortly after birth or are are going to die due to a complication or illness. Most of these parents will only enjoy holding their child in their arms for minutes to days and these photographers provide beautiful memories that the parents can cherish forever. These aren’t morbid or disturbing photos, but beautiful and touching scenes.

I’ll caution you though, viewing these photos will absolutely rip your heart out. If you’re up to it, I do encourage you to visit the link, view the pictures and read the stories from these parents who lost their children. I’m not an overly emotional man, but I was fighting back the tears. Sara and I lost babies at 8 and 10 weeks. When we got pregnant with Titus, we were on pins and needles at every doctor visit. On the day of delivery, I was holding my breath. I really knew he was going to be healthy and strong, but true joy and relief came when I saw him suck in air and let out that beautiful little cry! How precious is life? Isn’t it a miracle? I think I’m going to go grab my little boy out of bed and give him a hugs and kisses!