If you read this blog, you know that I talk about books, videos, music and all kinds of other resources. Whenever I can, I’ll link over to the product I’m reviewing at Amazon. Why? Two reasons really:

  • Amazon rocks! Why ever leave your house to get stuff you want any more, right?
  • I’m an Amazon reseller. That means if you buy something from Amazon after I send you there, Amazon shares a small percentage of the sale with me. It’s not much, but it pays my hosting bills and such.

So, I like to look at my resellers account and see what people bought. It’s always exciting to see the resources purchased that I recommended.

However, if you zip over to Amazon from one of my links and end up buying something entirely different, I still get a percentage of the sale. It’s cool. I remember a few years ago someone clicked over to look at a book I recommended and bought a blu-ray player. That was nice. However, sometimes I laugh so hard when I see the things people buy after following one of my links.

Last week someone came to this website, clicked on one of my recommended Amazon links and bought…. a bidet hand held sprayer.


Sure, it was a little random, but it made my day! Just read a few of the product’s reviews and see if it doesn’t bring a big smile to your face. Oh, and feel free to buy one while you’re at it. 🙂