This year will be my 9th Orange Conference. Crazy. It’s hard to believe I’ve been to so many.

I have so many incredible memories from past years. I remember my first Orange Conference when I was challenged to lead through conflict where my default was to avoid difficult conversations. I remember my second Orange Conference when I connected personally with new friends who have partnered with me in ministry from afar for nearly a decade. I remember (either the 4th or 5th) Orange Conference where I missed most of the breakouts and main sessions because conversations in the hallways were so deep and meaningful. I remember the one I went to when I came with big questions about the way my ministry was structured and I got the answers I needed (and my ministry has never been better). I simply can’t wait for what is to come this year.

There is absolutely no doubt, the Orange Conference is one of the best ministry conferences there is. The content is unreal. As much as I do get out of this event every year, it is NOT the content that that keeps me coming back. It’s the people. I have the most AMAZING conversations in hallways, parking lots and hotel lobbies (remember that one conference where I missed most of the breakouts/sessions).

Here’s what makes Orange so amazing. We all have challenges in our ministries. We have complex problems and questions. With nearly 8,000 people attending this conference, chances are very high that you’ll be in the same room with people with the answers to your questions. You’ll be able to meet the people who have overcome the complex frustrations you’re experiencing right now.

So, I do hope you’ll join me at Orange. Yes, there’s something for you to learn, but there might also be something for you to contribute. Today is the last day to save money, so if you haven’t registered yet, you really should before the price goes up.