I feel the dilemma that you feel. Children’s Ministry is what you do, but in recent years your heart has been pricked for family ministry. You want to offer more for your parents. You’ve been sold on the idea that if we do more for parents, we leverage their influence on kids (which is far greater than ours) and we all win. There’s only one problem. You’re a children’s pastor and Sunday comes each and every weekend. There’s more work to be done than hours in the week to do it. What you do on Sunday is so important, but it just crowds out the time you want to devote to parents. Yeah, you’re not alone.

Here’s an idea though. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel. The class you want to offer parents doesn’t have to be written from scratch by you. The weekly email you want to send doesn’t have to be penned completely by you. Even the topics you’d like to cover doesn’t have to be dreamed up by you. I honestly believe that we’re doing ministry in one of the greatest times because there are so many content providers emerging every day to help us do what we do better… including family ministry.

Some good friends of mine have been working tirelessly to put together a family ministry resource that can significantly ramp up your ministry to parents without eating up time on your day off. This new resource is ParentMinistry.net/kids. This is the second installment for ParentMinistry as they released resources for parents of teenagers a couple of years ago. Now comes content specifically for parents of kids. With ParentMinistry.net, you can provide incredible resources for families of kids of all ages.

Here’s what I love. They produce incredible content and I can use it however I like. From great monthly parenting videos to family experience kids, they have provided incredible resources that I can plug right into my ministry. They’ve create rite of passage experiences for every age/grade that parents can take and do with their families. I can do them all or pick which ones fit best with what I’m doing at my church.

I encourage you to check out ParentMinistry.net. They’re offering a 30 Day Free Trial, so be sure to sign up!