I’m starting to hyperventilate. No seriously. Here is the computer I was issued when I got to Gateway a little over two months ago:


It’s a Dell Inspiron 1525.It’s been a good machine. I can’t say the Vista installed on it has been a good move. But, it’s what I’m familiar with and I’ve been happy (mostly).

However… in three days I am giving this machine to my Early Childhood director. She is going on maternity leave and she needs a laptop to use when she does start getting back to work but not coming into the office. So in just a few days I have to get all my files off. Simple enough, huh?

Why panicked? Because I’m switching to this…


Yeah, it’s a MacBook Pro. I know, everyone says I’ll like it. But making this transition is tough. I’ve actually had it in my possession for over a week and I’ve used it about 5 times. Why? Because I still have my Dell. I have all the tools and programs installed that I’m familiar with. It’s like learning a new language. It’s easier to stay with what is familiar.

So, here is how you can help me. For me it is less about the OS and more about the applications. I’m looking for the applications I use right now that are available on the Mac. Would you mind telling me what applications you used most on the Mac… ones that I just can’t live without? That may help my transition go a little faster.

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