This summer I accomplished one of the big goals in my life… to be published. For years I had been talking about writing… actually it’s probably the main reason I started this blog. When I finished my masters degree I decided that I would spend the 15-20 hours a week I had been studying and apply that to writing. Three years went by and I hadn’t written a lick. That’s when I wrote this post… my first post.

A little over 18 months have passed and I’ve written quite a bit. Almost 300 posts to be exact… and I still just feel like I’m getting started. However, because I started blogging, it helped prime the pump if you will and also helped me establish some connections and relationships that have been so valuable to me! Then about 5 months ago my friend Todd emailed me and asked me if I would write a short little article with K Magazine. After reading my series of post on taking kids on missions, he suggested I write a 300 word blurb for the readers of K. Sweet! It was a start.

Since I wasn’t actually even a subscriber of K Magazine yet (not because I didn’t want to… but I was homeless at the moment), I tried to connect with Evan Doyle or Ryan Frank about getting signed up for the magazine before the article came out. In the process of connecting with Ryan (we actually met several years back when I lived in IN and I got the opportunity to come and speak at his church’s camp), he invited me to write a full article for K. Really, I was just trying to subscribe! 🙂

I was honored and thoroughly enjoyed writing my first full article. So, if you get K Magazine, look me up and tell me what you think… I’m on page 66! I’ll write more about this tomorrow.