This Sunday my pastor preached his One Prayer message, “God is working.” I’m actually not sure if he recorded it for the One Prayer community or not. But it was a powerful message on how God is working, how we can tune into what he is doing and be used by him to complete (or be a part) of his work. This message was great and I wanted to share just a tiny bit of this message with those of you who visit this blog.

Here is the 4 minute introduction to the message:

Jesus was in tune with how God was working. This next part, (5 or 6 minutes) is one of the best parts. Know the story of Paul at Mars Hill where he’s at the alter of the “unknown god.” I’ve always loved this story of how Paul contextualized the gospel into a relevant way. John shared some history that I’d never heard. Paul knew where this alter of the “unknown god” came from and used it to his advantage. He was in tune to how God had been working and allowed himself to be used by him. Listen really quick!

Amazing huh? This was a great reminder for me. As those who minister to kids, we need to be ever mindful of how God is working in the lives of our kids and families. We really could be used to be a part of his work… if we’re listening and looking for evidence of his work. Really, would we want to be in any other place than right in the midst of what he’s doing?