I haven’t had a countdown since the last few months before Titus was born. I had a little widget on my desktop that counted down to the minute. I haven’t been as consumed as I was about the coming of my son, but one week from right now, I’ll be on vacation. Serious vacation. Sara and I’ll be on our way to Banff, Canada. Actually, we’ll be on our way to Atlanta, then to Salt Lake City and then to Banff (it was cheaper to go through Atlanta, ok). Actually, I can’t tell you how excited I am to spend 7 hours flying. That will be 7 hours of no phone calls or emails. Seven glorious hours sitting with my wife, eating airplane peanuts (unless they’re charging for those things now) and reading a good book.

  • So here is the play by play.
  • Thursday is my last day of work before vacation begins.
  • On Friday my parents fly into Austin. We’ll probably spend the whole weekend having fun, eating good food and catching up.
  • On Sunday I’m taking my parents to Gateway for a visit. During one service I’ll show my parents around and during the next service I’ll attend with them.
  • On Monday we’ll probably be busy getting last minute supplies and packing.
  • On Tuesday we’ll depart early in the morning.

Then for 5 nights and 6 days we’ll experience the glory that is Canada. Ha! I love it! I plan to do some hiking, exploring (I’m going to stand on a glacier one way or another) and soaking in one of those hot springs. Although the weather has gotten cooler (mid to high 80’s) this last week or so, I’m looking forward to the mid 50’s temperature of Banff during the day.

So, I’ve almost forgotten what it is like to go on vacation, it feels like it has been forever. Any good hints for me as I prepared to leave work for about 10 days? Anything I should plan to do while on vacation? Any books I totally have to read (although I think I’ve already got my books picked out)?