Since I’ve arrived at Gateway a few months ago I’ve made it a point to communicate with parents just about every week. Many changes were in process and it’s very important that all of our parents feel informed and like they are in the loop. One of the ways I communicate is through a weekly constant contact email that points to posts on the Children’s Ministry blog.

Just last week I was sending out the weekly email and I was in a rush. I was trying to tie up all my loose ends before going on vacation and I had a deadline. I skipped my normal routine of having my assistant proof the email before sending it out and depending completely on Constant Contact’s spell check.

I had one major typo that I saw seconds after the email went out. Of all places, it was in the subject line. What complicated word did I misspell? Gateway, the name of my church. How does one misspell that? Not only was it embarrassing to know that 1100 emails went out with the glaring typo, but certainly when a fellow staff member’s wife (who used to be an English teacher) let me know about the typo.

I learned a lesson. When sending emails to thousands of people, don’t skip your processes!