In the 11+ years I’ve been a Children’s Pastor I’ve made my share of mistakes. There is nothing I love more than sitting around a table with others and hearing the mistakes they’ve made. It makes me feel better about some of the bone-headed things I’ve done in the past. Trust me, I’ve got some good ones. I’d like to think that some of the big mistakes were because I was in my early twenties and I really just didn’t know any better. Mistakes are a part of the growing process. I can tell you about all kinds of things that I do differently today because of mistakes I’ve made. So as long as we learn from our mistakes, don’t beat yourself up when you make them.

Over the coming weeks I’ll share some of the bone-headed things I’ve done over the years, hopefully to help others feel better. What prompted me to start this post today was a mistake I made last week. It was one of those “oops” that you wish you could take back. Actually it reminded me of an even bigger oops from a little over a year ago. Tomorrow and the next day I’ll share two very careless email oops.