Our facility is full and we’ve resorted to portable buildings… otherwise know as modular buildings… or as we like to say in South Georgia… trailers.

We have such a nice facility but for the meantime we needed to provide some extra space for our kids. Adding two of these portables will give us space for up to 120 kids (but comfortably at 80 more kids). We’re not really expecting a bunch of new kids since our services have been pretty full. It’s more about offloading space and redistributing kids. We’ve had kids meeting in spaces that were not really intended to be meeting spaces. So, in a few more weeks we’ll be moving into these buildings. They’re being painted to match the color decor of our existing buildings and the interior is being decorated to look fun and exciting like the rest of our rooms.

The kids who will be moving out to the portables are 3.5 year olds to Kindergartners. It’s the oldest part of our preschool area. The Children’s Ministry at Gateway is called Kids Quest. The Elementary age it called Kids Quest, the youngest kids (0-2.5 years old) is called Kid’s Quest Babies and the preschool wing is called Kids Quest Junior. Now the bulk of Kids Quest Junior will be moved into the portables.

Currently our preschool rooms have names such as Little Lagoon, Kids Kingdom, Asteroid Ally and Tumbleweed Trail. We’ll be naming each of the rooms in the portables similar names. There will be a beach theme room, a jungle room, an underwater room and something else as well.

However, in a meeting today we discussed how we don’t want to call these buildings portables, trailers or modulars. We want them to feel like a destination. We’ll put up signs and such, but we need to have a name for them. Something that maybe sounds intriguing or exciting. So it’s a part of Kids Quest Juniors and is a collection of four additional rooms. Any ideas on a good name for the buildings or the area. Perhaps it will even be another division after Kids Quest Juniors, but before Kids Quest Elementary. Any ideas you might have would be incredibly helpful!