familystudiesReggie started the session off showing a framed picture of a family. He called them the “stock” family, the perfect looking family. It was the stereotype of what we think a good family is supposed ot look like. Reggie then doubted that everything was good with this family. He went on to pull out several more photos of friends or people he knew. Each family had a different situation. Each of these other families would look at a “stock” family and would not relate.

The problem is that we look at the “stock” family as the picture of a healthy family, but too often that is unachievable. We can’t always make “that” happen. We have to get beyond the pictures as God is looking to write a story with our lives.

Let’s look at some of the families in the Bible:

  • Noah had a drinking issue.
  • Jacob deceived his father
  • David and an affair
  • Abraham tried to give his wife away

These were great people, but all of them had dysfunctional families or situations. God used broken people to do his work.

God has taken the family that is made up of broken people to show that he is the God of restoration.

Two approaches:

  • We try to make families conform to the picture we have set in our minds.
  • Each family is a platform to tell a story.

Don’t buy into the myth that you have to become perfect or right kind of parent in order to be used by God. Give your kids a front-row view of God’s story of grace. The worst thing you can do is paint a picture off who you are that isn’t true. Let your kids see God reaching down and changing you.

Parents have decades of pictures they are trying to co and unrealistic pictures could paralyze a generation of parents.

The church only has 40 hours a year with each child, and parents have about 3000. Our 40 hours need to be the catalyst or effective ministry.

Let’s not create a picture that a family can’t live up to. Help our families find one or two things that help them to engage.

It’s not about the picture, it’s the story.

God is the God of restortation and the God of revolution.