I walked in just a few minutes late but Francis was already talking about human and child trafficking. He imagined if it was his daughters. What would he do? He’d be outraged. He’d do anything. They’re not your flesh and blood, so it’s different, huh? It was obvious that Francis was very passionate about this and there was certainly a tension in the room.

If I love my neighbor as myself and love these girls, like I love my own, I wouldn’t come to church to throw a few bucks at it. I’d come to the church to mobilize. I’d do something about it.

We get distracted, we get normalized. We calm down.

I never read the book of Acts, put it down and say, Wow, that’s just like us!” We’ve become so different. We’ve calmed down.

The apostles were bold and uneducated. Today we’re educated, but we have no boldness.

We come to faith and are so excited and bring people to faith and then when we grow in our faith, we forget how to talk to unbelievers. We subside in our passion.

The disciples prayed for boldness. Paul prayed for boldness (Ephesians)? Paul was one of the most bold and he prayed for boldness.

When was the last time I gathered with my friends and prayed for boldness?

We tell people that they’re being unreasonable and they need to calm down. We’re talking people out of eternity. “Why aren’t you saving for an emergency?” Are not the kids in Cambodia or Africa in an emergency? They’re just not an emergency to you. (Francis has 15+ people living in his house with him). He thinks every morning “If there isn’t a heaven, this is just stupid.”

We never look more like Christ when we’re rescuing. (Holy Cow! This one hurt.)

Have you lost your first love? Has the system deadened you?

It’s like we have to go overseas to be radical because over here everyone will talk us out of it.