Okay, so here’s how things got started:

Chad Swanzy started of with a post comparing the story of Elisha and the Widow’s Oil to the situation that many of our families are in today. He shared how the Orange Conference is a movement that will equip ministries to impact broken families.

Micael Bayne wrote an incredible post about the challenge of helping parents with the red side of the Orange equation. He talks about how most parents just want the student ministries to fix or entertain their kids. He’s got some great advice on how to engage parents to be red!

Anthony Prince dives right into Orange week with his post titled “Code Red.” Great post on really practical things his church is doing to help families be RED. Great stuff Anthony!

Nick Blevins pens his first post about what Orange is and why. He’s simply setting up his readers for what is coming in the following days. It’s going to be some great stuff!

Wayne Stocks kicks off Orange week on his blog Kidmin1124 with a review of the Family Times pack produced by Orange. This is a great way to help families live out the red side of Orange. It’s a great review, so if you’ve been thinking about using them, read what he has to say.

Criag Baird wrote about something he’s believed and tough for years, the two bookends to ministry… which just happen to be the same things as the Orange Strategy of Yellow and Red coming together to make a lasting impact. Be sure to read, it’s a great perspective.

Sometimes timing works out perfectly. Unaware of Orage Week 2.0, Henry Zonio begins writing several posts revisiting the Orange Conference last year. So, check out what he’s been writing this week. If you attended last year, it will serve as a great reminder. If you didn’t, I’m sure you’ll learn something!

Stacey Waldmann breaks down the word Orange… literally. Check it out, she offers a very fresh perspective of Orange unique to her team. I love the way she ended her post. #kidmin needs to bleed orange. YES!

Zeremy Zach nailed it when it comes to student ministries become Orange. He addressed the stereotype of student ministries being isolated and “black sheep” of the church. He gives specific steps for student pastors to take to “drink the Orange juice.” I love it!

Kendra Golden wrote a guest post on the Swerve Blog about what it means to be Orange. She did a great job communicating the importance and the impact being Orange makes. So glad she was giving that platform to spread the word.

Chad Swanzy posted an incredible resource on his other site, YouthLeaderStash.com. I know it’s great because we worked on it together for a project with Leadership Network. It impacted me significantly and helped me see many things that I was blind too. It’s funny how you think things are really important and then when you start asking people, you find out that what you though was wrong. I highly encourage you to do this with your team.

Matt McKee, in his unmistakable style, writes a great post about why he’s Orange. Read it, you’ll really enjoy it. In case you didn’t know, he and his wife work for Orange now. I’m really excited for him. Ha! I love that guy.

JC just announced Orange Week to his readers. Nothing significant content wise, but it’s coming this week, so be sure to check in and read it.

Yesterday, Dan Scott wrote two posts. The first post was on the importance of synchronizing your strategy, which is really good stuff. He followed it up with another post about structure. It was insanely helpful 8 months ago when he posted his staff structure so people could see how they carried out the Orange Strategy in a practical way. This time he gives an update on what has changed. This is great stuff!

Gina McClain wrote a great post, I see RED people. Ha! I love it. She very clearly explains what it means for a family to live out the red part of the Orange Strategy. Gina, thanks for the clarity. Your post has helped me identify something I’ve been overlooking lately and even think about how I communicate to parents what families need to look like.

If you get into the Orange Strategy, you’ll find that Orange also signifies CHANGE (like the the orange leaves in Autumn). That’s what Jonathan Cliff wrote about. Change. This year he transitioned his church to 252 Basics and My First Look and he loves it. He did it so he could have a stronger strategy for impacting families. Check it out, it’s good stuff.

Sam Luce reposted something from the past, “Orange is the new green.” In it he talks about what Orange looks like in his church. There are few churches that I know of where the Chidlren’s Ministry and Student Ministry work so well together. This is worth a read.

Finally, I wrote about “What is Orange.” Simply defining what the Orange Strategy is in relation to Red and Orange. I also posted to great videos from Orange. You know you want to read it.

Okay, these recaps are taking a lot longer this time. Yikes. It’s great having this many people blog about Orange… I’m looking forward to what everyone has to say on day 2!