Reggie is a big fan of Apple computer. He equates ministry and leadership to Apple.

Between the Macintosh Plus and the MacBook Air, there have been 80 system upgrades. The technology has changed dramatically, but the mission has never changed.

As the church, we need to guard our mission.

Too many churches stick with their mission, but never upgrade their system. We need to lean into the younger generation and ask them to help us upgrade our systems. Frequently upgrade the system!

Sometimes we fail to connect people to our mission when making a system upgrade. When making changes, ALWAYS connect people back to the mission. Don’t talk about change before connecting them to the mission. Then they’ll know why the change needs to happen.

Too many churches have competing systems. When a computer has too competing systems, they cancel each other out and there is failure. The greatest thing I can do as a leader is to clarify the system.