I had so much fun connecting with people today. I was actually having so much fun, I ended up skipping one of the breakouts. Actually, it was because the restaurant was slow, but the company was really fun.

The Kidology folks organized a lunch gathering. I feel really bad as I didn’t get everyone’s name. I brought two people with me (a children’s pastor friend and a youth pastor friend). I sat right next to Alan and talked with him quite a bit. Rob Bradbury was there along with Jim Wideman. It was a blast meeting with everyone and chatting away. I hadn’t met Rob yet and he’s such a great and funny guy. He had a great story about a giant “employee of the month” badge and the CPC several years ago. If you bump into him, be sure to ask him about it.

Later tonight I was stopping by the Hampton Inn to drop off some friends when I ran into Andrew Weiler and Michael Haun of The Big Deal. They came in and just started talking to us and we had a blast. They are two really great guys. Be sure to visit their sites and check out what they are doing. I’m going to blog more about them and their ministry in a few days.

Well, I wonder who I’m going to meet tomorrow???