This year I’m helping host some breakouts, so Multi-Site Kidmin is the only breakout that I chose to attend. Nina Schmidgall, the Children’s Pastor led the breakout and did a great job. Here are some details about the church:

  • National Community Church is a multi-site church in Washington D.C.
  • They have 7 locations: One coffee house, one performing arts location and five movie theaters.
  • 78% of the church are in their 20’s or 30’s.
  • 63% are single (49% are in 20’s and 29% are in 30’s)
  • 27% are unchurched
  • Campuses launch with full time pastor and volunteer kidmin

Don’t use “only” or “just” as it devalues what we’re asking them to do. Say it like it is, don’t say, it’s “only” once a year or “just” a one time meeting. Have more confidence in what it is you’re asking them to do.

Kid’s Campus Pastors – Keepers of the DNA

Sorry, there was a little more, but my battery died while I was taking notes. It was a great breakout and some good insight from a church doing multisite in a big way.