So last January I was preparing to head up to Dallas for the Orange Tour and in my excitement I flippantly declared the following week “Orange Week.” The folks at ReThink thought it was a good idea, so the following week a rag-tag group of incredibly Kidmin Pastors blogged about the Orange Strategy. It was an incredible experience, an almost overwhelming source of information and ideas. Well, it’s getting ready to happen again. Why so soon?

Well, next week the 2011 Orange Conference opens for registration and that’s worth getting excited about. So, with some help from the ReThink team, we’ve organized another Orange Week (let’s call it Orange Week 2.0) and it’s going to be even better than before. Check out the blogging team this time around.

  • Pete Wilson
  • Michael Hyatt
  • Carlos Whittaker
  • Ron Edmondson
  • Craig Groeschel
  • Tony Morgan
  • Jeremy Zach
  • Michael Bayne
  • Chad Swanzy
  • Tom Shefchunas
  • Kenny Conley
  • Sam Luce
  • Jonathan Cliff
  • Gina McClain
  • Tony Kummer
  • Wayne Stocks
  • Nick Blevins
  • Anthony Prince
  • Dan Scott
  • JC Thompson
  • Matt McKee

Pretty incredible, huh? So, it all starts tomorrow and runs for 7 days straight. This year will be less about strategy (you will hear some though) and more about ideas and practical implementation of the Orange Strategy. One week from now, you’ll no only know more about what it means to be Orange, but you’ll have steps that you can take now to become Orange in the way you operate you ministry.

So, this is simply the warning. Later today I’ll have links to all the blogs participating and more information about the daily posting schedule and topics. If you’re not included on this list, but want to share your thoughts and ideas, contact me and I’ll make sure your ideas are heard!

New to all of this, let me catch you up. Here are the daily recaps of the first Orange Week:

Those links alone will keep you busy reading for hours.