Wow! What started with just an idea for personal thoughts and reflections about a strategy and an upcoming conference experience became a mini-movement in the kidmin blogosphere and twitterverse. Most importantly I’d like to thank my inner circle of blogging friends, Matt, Sam, Gina and Jonathan (especially grateful to spend two days with Jonathan this week). You guys have been such an inspiration to me these past two years and have become dear friends. As I’ve explored the exciting ideas of Orange, you’ve all been very refreshing sources of information and ideas… I love wresting big thoughts with you.

Also, a big thank you to newer blogging friends who jumped in to help and contribute substantially. Dan Scott, I look forward to knowing you better, you’ve certainly got a lot of respect from me. Anthony Prince, I look forward to getting to hanging with you again this year at Orange and getting to know you more. JC, are you coming to Orange this year? I like to hang out with you more too. Regardless, I’m probably changing my twitter and facebook profile pic to that fat baby pic… I loved it that much. Kendra, I’ve enjoyed our conversations and finally meeting you last week. You’re insights to this Orange process have been wonderful. Nick Blevins, I had no idea who you were until this week. So glad you jumped in, both to hear your ideas and to begin following your blog.

Huge props to my friends at ReThink. You all are amazing. Betsy for taking my idea and putting a little gasoline behind it (ie… all the free stuff to give away). Kevin Benson for taking 20 minutes or so and talking at the Orange tour about this blogging and twitter medium. Thanks to Reggie, Sue and others at ReThink for your passion and message!

Last of all, thanks to everyone who visited the blogs (this one and everyone elses) this week. Seriously, you lit this one up this week. There was so much “noise” in the social media space about Orange Week there is no doubt that it got some attention and others are beginning to explore this ministry strategy.

Although Orange Week is over, it’s not the last you’ll read about Orange on this blog. However, you probably won’t see 25 posts dedicated only to Orange anytime soon, except in late April for Orange 2010. Hopefully I’ll see you all there! If you’re not registered yet, what are you waiting for, clikc the badge on the right.