I think people had a busy day today, a few less posts today. However, there were still a bunch (still going to take me way too long to write this recap) and they were pretty awesome posts! So, here they are:

Michael Bayne wrote another stellar post today, this time about engaging with parents of students. He talks about how students at this phase in life are pulling away from parents, but through intentional conversations, parents can stay connected to their kids and continue to have influence. You as a ministry leader can help parents start these vital conversations.

Chad Swanzy wrote a similar post yesterday pointing to a powerful resource that he repeated today. He made a great point. How can you impact students if you don’t even know what the pulse of the home is from his/her perspective. This resource helps you figure out exactly what it is.

I wrote about my struggle of really defining what it means to be red. For the past two years I’ve though so hard about being Orange, I think I’ve somewhat neglected championing for parents what it means to be red. Here’s a reminder.

I don’t know what box to put today’s post from Sam Luce in. It has read in the title, but it talks more about the church being yellow. Putting this aside, I think it’s one of the best posts I’ve read from Sam in a long time. Sam writes really good stuff, but this was powerful. I’m probably going to reference this in one of my posts soon… but read it now, it’s that great!

Jonathan Cliff continues telling about his transition to Orange Curriculum. Today he writes about how he uses 252 Basics. It’s a great and practical post for those using 252 or those looking into it. I know that it’s going to help people, one of my most popular posts is when I wrote about how we used 252 several years ago. However, we all know the most popular post involved chainsaw juggling clowns.

Over at Kidmin1124, Barbara Graves wrote about the influence parents have on their kids and how kids typically mirror the faith of their parents. Barbara surveyed several parents to find out what they did to live out their faith at home for their kids. Tons of practical advice here!

Nick Blevins posted a great resource on his blog today. First of all he showed a diagram of how his church lives out Orange, Yellow and Red strategies. Very specific and helpful. In addition, he posted a video that teaches parents how to use God Time Cards and Refrigerator Cards. If your kids are like our kids, most of these cards end up as floorboard and parking lot trash, but this video is a great tool to show parents how to use them.

Anthony Prince provides an incredible example of and event that allows families to spend time together. I heard something at a conference breakout 6-7 years ago that has never left me. The speaker said that our greatest successes in ministry are when we create spaces for kids and their parents to simply be together. I heard this before Orange Mania swept the land and even today it still holds true. Anthony tells about this great event for moms and their sons. Also, props to Staci for using the word “rocktackular.”

Dan Scott posted an amazing post on his blog about seeing red. He shares about how through all the years of leading Orange in his church, he never asked a parent to tell him from their perspective what it means to be a part of an Orange Church. I love what she had to say. Seeing what she verbalized makes me want the parents at my church to say the same thing. I need to get on that!

Earlier this week Dan Scott poked fun at me for the number of blog posts he assumed I’d write this week. I just want to point out that this blogging maniac will probably come in second. He wrote a killer post about how he and his team made age specific events more family friendly. Scott, you’re brilliant… or at least someone you work with is. I must admit, I like the yellow, pinkish and salmon color references. I laughed out loud and when I did I remembered how much I liked your laugh… contagious. Looking forward to hanging with you again soon!

JC wrote a great post about how families were the fabric of creation. I love how he communicates this through the genealogies in Matthew 1. JC, great perspective here and extra points for your creativity!

Matt McKee wrote about Reggie’s “Stock Family.” This is one illustration that I’ve heard Reggie use that I’ve repeated more than anything else. Families aren’t perfect. We need to stop trying to read out to the perfect family. We need to recognize that God loves the imperfect family and that it’s through whacked out crazy families that God has done some of his greatest works!

Henry Zonio wrote a phenomenal post about the heart of Orange, which is families. He powerfully described how many parents fail and how often times we get frustrated and blame them. Instead, we need to come along side them, encourage them and build relationships with them. Zonio hit the nail on the head when he said that these parents will always love their children far more that the church will. Read this post!

Keith Tusing joins the conversation today by sharing about his experience at Orange last year. He shares about three “slices” he took away that impacted him greatly. BTW Keith, dip those orange slices in chocolate and you’ll experience something life changing.

Wow, I think these posts are getting better every day. Can’t wait to see what I’ll be reading by Monday! I might have to get an Orange tattoo at an undisclosed location. If I just caused someone to sin… I’m truly sorry. Enjoy the recap!