So I’m a good 12 hours late posting Day 6 of Orange Week. Not too much was said as everyone was pretty busy with services. So, here’s what I saw.

Michael Bayne shares a quick post about multi-site and his team’s excitement to bring Orange to another community.

I wrote a post about an idea we had recently in adapting one of our adult services to be inclusive of elementary aged kids. The motivation was both out of necessity as well as an effort to be Orange. Although we didn’t have many kids participating, we were pleased with how things turned out.

Over at Kidmin 1124, Wayne writes about his dreams for Kidmin. It’s an encouraging post as most of us in ministry will identify with his dreams. I think penning our dreams is a very effective discipline, one that has to happen before we can expect them to come true. Be sure to check it out.

In another post at Kidmin 1124, Barbara Graves also shares her dreams for Kidmin. It’s a powerful post describing that her true dreams move beyond the dream staff, the dream facility, the dream ministry strategy (even if it’s Orange) to something way more important. Great job Barbara!

At CM Buzz, Keith shares some of the Orange ideas he and his team are working on. What I love about his ideas are that they move beyond the church doors and spill out into the community. Good stuff, I hope to hear about success in coming months!

Nice and short. Only one more day of Orange Week!