Screen shot 2010-01-17 at 8.48.56 AMAs I announced my intention for Orange Week last week, the folks over at ReThink thought it was a great idea. So much so, they told me to give some stuff away! So, the first item I’m giving away this week is a little DVD called “The Essence of Orange.” It’s a $40 teaching DVD and if you haven’t seen it, you’ll LOVE it!

The Essence of Orange was my first real exposure to the Orange strategy. I signed up to attend the Orange Conference simply because I though it was tied in to North Point and I had a lot of respect for those guys. I also saw their speaker line up and knew that it would be powerful. At the time I was between ministry jobs and living in South Georgia. I remember being confused about Orange as I only lived 20 miles north of Florida which was the “orange” state and the Orange Conference was happening in the heart of the “peach” state. Someone’s got their fruit mixed up. So when I was signing up for breakout sessions, I kept seeing all these Orange-ology breakouts where you could learn the Orange strategy. I just couldn’t wait. I looked for a book about the strategy but it didn’t exist (it does now). What I found instead was this DVD. I remember the day I watched this as the light bulb was coming on with aha moment after aha moment. I’d never heard the solution to the things I’ve been wrestling with in my heart for so many years communicated so clearly.

This DVD is an explanation of the Orange strategy and it’s five elements (what we’re talking about during Orange Week) in a fun and creative way. It’s a great tool for you to learn more about Orange or just brush up on what you’ve already learned. It’s an incredible resource to show your volunteers. Each of the elements are broken down into short videos followed by Q & A of several ministry leaders. What an incredible resource.

So do you want it? It’s yours for the taking.

Here’s how you can win this hot little DVD.

  1. Comment at the end of this post and tell me why you want it.
  2. Comment on my previous post interacting with the content. Share your thoughts. Ask a question. Tell about how you’re ministry is engaging in this strategy. Just engage.

You have until noon tomorrow (Central Standard Time). At that point I’ll select one winner based on their reason for wanting it. Ready, set, GO!