Okay, don’t misread me here. When it comes to content, I got the least from Rev Run. I wrote three things down. He had good things to say, just nothing power-packed and life-changing. However, I can’t say that he wasn’t inspiring. What an incredible testimony he’s living to people I may never have influence over. In his talk, he spoke about recent conversations he had with Will Smith or other starts. Rev Run has a powerful platform and from all appearances, he’s living his life right. He and his wife are raising six kids and he’s teaching them to honor God and follow him. What a great and powerful story. I was glad to hear Reggie interview him and this session added to the overall experience. Here were a few things that he said that stuck out.
Absence make the heart and family grow further. It’s not a silly cliche. Spend time with your spouse. Spend time with your kids. Period.
As a parent, you’re going to run into difficult situations. You’re going to encounter issues that you have no knowledge of. That’s okay. If you know the one who knows, then you’re in good company. Spend time with God, you don’t know your kids as well as he knows your kids.