It’s Thursday. I’m tired. I’m lacking on the creativity side of things… hence the above title. However, the thought of the Orange Conference only being a few months away puts a little pep in my step. This year will be my 8th Orange Conference. Holy Cow – Eight! That’s crazy!

I love this conference for a lot of reasons:

  • It might be the most fun conference experience I’ve attended. There is so much incredible content, but no other conference makes learning so much fun. It really is a lot of fun.
  • Orange has come to feel like a family reunion for me. There are so many people who have come to mean an awful lot to me who are there every year. It’s such an amazing way to catch up, be encouraged and challenged.
  • The content is amazing. I always feel the communicators and experiences stretch my way of thinking and it’s good to be challenged in that way.
  • Mostly importantly, I go for the people. Some of the sharpest ministry leaders in the world are in the same location for a few short days. I see Orange as an opportunity to connect with as many of them as I can. I learn as much at a late night dinner or early morning coffee as I do sitting in breakouts or general sessions.

I’d love to see you at Orange this year. I’m not just saying that, I’d really love to see you there. I’m busy, but I’m also pretty available. Let’s hang out and talk ministry. Sound good? It’s going to be amazing! Sign up today and you’ll save $40. Do it! See you in Atlanta!