The idea I blogged about yesterday is what I’ve been processing the most. I really like this idea a lot. But I naturally have some questions. Perhaps you did too.

1. It’s obvious that only a percentage of the parents will come back with their kids for the class. That isn’t fair to those kids. Wouldn’t it be better to give everyone an opportunity to decide now so that kids who really want this don’t fall through the cracks due to their parent’s unwillingness to participate.

2. Do I really want to trust this opportunity to parents who have absolutely no experience at all? What if they mess it up? What if the kids have questions that the parents can’t answer? What if they make something up?

Maybe you didn’t think these things, but I sure did. In some ways I feel that this is the litmus test on how committed we are to family ministry. Do we really want our parents to grow in their spiritual leadership or are we going to keep trying to do their job and then complain that our parents aren’t doing more? Hmmm, good questions Kenny!

Here’s what I think. God’s bigger than me. He’s in control of more things than I control. If I decide that I want to honor the GOD ORDAINED institution of the family and empower parents to lead their children into a relationship with him, then I need to not worry as much about “taking advantage of an opportunity.” If a child truly wants to receive Christ, there is nothing I or their parent can do about it. I have to remember that it isn’t I who saves… it is the Holy Spirit who calls them and saves them. Maybe I should let go and let God do what he wants to do. As much as I want to see that child come to Christ, I’m pretty sure God wants it more than I do.

And as far as being afraid that a parent is going to mess it up kind of follows the same line. How many times has God used me even though I was a screw-up? How many times did God use unlikely (or even shady characters) to display his magnificent character? Yeah, I think God is big enough that I can let go of this one too. It’s not like I have to abandon these parents. I can provide all the resources they need and be available for help. But I think there is something absolutely beautiful about a father, who doesn’t yet have it all together, humbled at the opportunity to lead his family to Christ. I think that’s in the Bible somewhere folks!

***but wait***

That doesn’t mean we can’t provide tools to make it easy for a child to come to Christ. We can provide resources, things on our web site and the tools for a child who’s really on their own who really want’s to meet Christ take that step on their own or with a leader if necessary.

***one more thing***

Like I said, I’m still processing this. I had a heated debate about this with my wife. She challenged me that this idea makes it too hard for kids to come to Christ. I certainly don’t want that. I want it to be easy for a child who is seeking to find Christ. So, I’ve still got some thinking to do.