Not every church has the latest and greatest color copier that sorts, duplexes, staples, folds, hole punches all while ironing your shirts and brewing your coffee. But even just because you do have said copier, it doesn’t mean you’re saving money by using it. In times when budgets are tighter than your pants after Christmas, it pays to shop around.

Sure, these deluxe printers are perfect for the 20 copies here, the 50 copies here or the 300 copies I need first thing in the morning. However, if you know what you need copies of ahead of time, you might be better off outsourcing some of your printing needs. And just so you know, it’s rarely ever a good idea to outsource to your neighborhood Kinkos… you’ll pay through the nose.

One company I discovered a year ago and have used on a few occasions is Sir Cooper Copy Center. They’re a brick and mortar copy center that has taken advantage of the web and specializes on outsourcing across the country. They do good work and they’re fast. All orders ship within 1-2 business days via FedEx. So, as long as you have a week lead time, you’re likely to save money with Sir Cooper or similar vendors. Just shop around.

Their current killer deal is 9 cent color copies, no minimums. I plan to take advantage of this deal as well as having Sir Cooper put together our new Policy Manuals and camp brochures.