Last month I flew out to Nashville for a week. While at the airport, I noticed three distinct things.

IMG_0509First of all, I noticed the advertising in the security check-point trays. Since 9-11, going through security has changed everything about air travel. We wait in line and just about literally undress to go through the check-point. It’s been nine years since all of this changed for us, but it wasn’t until this trip that I found advertising in my little security tray. Good job Haynes. Thousands upon thousands of people see this advertisement every day at the Nashville airport, why didn’t someone do this earlier?

Only 3-5 minutes after coming out of security I passed by a Redbox. IMG_0510Duh! Redbox has just about taken over DVD rentals here in the United States, why is this the first one I’ve seen in an Airport. This is about the smartest thing I’ve every seen in an airport. I remember thinking it was pretty cool when those DVD and DVD Player rental companies set up shop in airports, but there was always that uncertainty of whether they’d have a kiosk in the airport you were flying to. Redbox is everywhere. Rent at the airport in Nashville, return at the McDonalds in Tampa. Watch a good flick while you wait for your flight to board. It’s a beautiful time we live in.

IMG_0511Last but not least, my return flight was the first wi-fi enabled flight I’ve taken. I know it’s been around here and there for a last year or two, but in flight wi-fi seems to be pretty widespread now. How amazing is it that you can check your facebook, blog and return email all at 30,000 feet. These are amazing times!

It had only been six months since the last time I’d flown somewhere. Six months. Then I hop on another air plane and here I see and experience all these changes, these innovations.

I must say that I love the speed at which things are changing. In a few days the iPad will be publically available. In a few more months, there will be a new iPhone. Over the next few years we’ll all have 3D TVs. Things are innovating and changing at such a rapid pace. I love it.

However, I’m not sure I’m happy with the rate of innovation and change in the church. Yes, what we do is timeless and significant, but there’s more than enough room for innovation. I can’t remember the last time I heard or read something that made the hair on my arms stand on end. What’s some new stuff you’re doing or new stuff you’ve heard about? Do tell!