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The BEST way to ensure you, your staff and your volunteers execute ministry they way you planned is a system of checklists! We’ve developed 50+ checklists for just about every role and every occasion, completely editable for your situation. Visit the Checklist Resource Page to take your ministry to the next level!

Resources for Kidmin

Looking for a sample volunteer handbook? A volunteer application? Guest registration card? How about resources that will help you lead your ministry? Come check out the resource vault and take your kidmin to the next level!


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Respect the Role You Are In

Anyone who leads in ministry understands the overwhelming nature of the weekly task list. Every week, there are errands to run, environments to prep, slides to design, resources to organize, people to call, and dozens of similar things screaming for your attention. The list NEVER stops demanding your time – its the nature of ministry. However, we need to think about your relationship to all the items on your task list. Did you know that your time spent working on your weekly task list actually DEVALUES the role God has placed you in? It’s true. You (and I) need to take another look at the things we do every week.

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Why We Need to RETHINK Family Ministry

I’ve been leading children’s and family ministry for nearly 25 years. However, when I think of family ministry, the first thing that comes to mind is often an unclear (and maybe unrealistic) picture of what family really is. Chances are, you see families the same way I do. I think we need to RETHINK how we IMAGINE the family. When we do, we’ll clarify what families in our ministry need most!

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Invest in Your Ministry This Fall

For more than ten years, I have strived to invest in the Children's Ministry community. It all started with this blog (there was actually a season where I posted 10-12 times a week). However, I'm really excited about this new opportunity to invest in ministry leaders....

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Redefining Preschool Ministry

Last week I celebrated my one year anniversary. It was one year ago that I made some strategic staff shifts which placed me in the leadership seat of Preschool. I'm a NextGen Pastor. I've been one for a decade now. The fun (and challenging) part of being in this role...

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Have You Found Your Tribe?

I've learned a lot of things over the years. After 20 years of vocational ministry, it's easy to see your missteps and missed opportunities. I could write a book on the 10-20 things I've learned that I wish I had known when I started. However, there is one thing that...

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Super Volunteers

Cody * Brett * Jan * Duane * Dana * Kelly * Greg * Susan * Pete * Brad * Roy * Lisa * Barbie * Brian * Heather * Jay * Kurtis * Dan * Jenn These are the names of some of my favorite people in the world. When I think of my favorite moments of ministry, most of these...

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