Just throwing this question out there. What are you using to page parents? Do you use pagers or do you somehow put a number up in the auditorium? If a number is put up in the auditorium, how do you do it? Do enter the number yourself from the kids area? Do you call the tech booth and have them put it up? Share what you’re doing please!

In the past I used pagers, but it was really expensive. I know that it’s one of the best alternatives if you have an adult Sunday School program. I’ve also used the simple LED light displays where either we called the tech booth or walked up there ourselves to and entered the number before. Most recently here at gateway we had a system rigged up on a laptop in the kids area where we could type in the number and it immediately displayed on the lower right corner of the screen in the auditorium. Unfortunately that system broke about 3 weeks after I got to Gateway and now we use AIM to IM the tech booth and have them put up the number. I’m contemplating moving toward just texting parents though as many don’t respond to our pages.

What do you do to page parents?