This post is over a week late. However, I just got my hands on a video that I thought was worth showing to the CMO audience.

On Palm Sunday we had our first baptisms of the year. We do our baptisms outside, so we only do them once it starts getting warm. The day before baptisms was a very warm day, perfect for baptisms. On Palm Sunday, it got cooler and was super windy all day. I was excited that I had kids and adults to baptize for every service. However, that also meant I would be in the cold water and then in the cold wind for all three services. Yeah, it was COLD. Once the baptism were over, it took about three hours to get my body warm again.

We saw over 100 people baptized, almost 40 of them kids. Some other time I’ll share about our baptism process. For now, I’ll leave you with this video.