Several weeks ago I wrote this post about involving parents in significant moments in their child’s life.

Yesterday I had a really cool moment. I don’t know that it would have happened if I hadn’t been thinking so much about what family ministry really means.

Like I posted yesterday, we baptized a lot of people yesterday. After one of the services, a family was directed to me. They had a little girl who wanted to be baptized. She was six. I got down on one knee and talked with her about baptism. She had already make Jesus her Lord and Savior and her parents had already been talking to her about baptism.

I looked up at the dad. He was holding his younger daughter in his arms. I asked him, “Do you want to baptize her?” He thought I was talking about his little on in his arms. He replied, “No, I think she’s too young.” I shook my head and repeated the question. “Do you” (I pointed at him) “want to baptize her” (I pointed at his six year old)? He looked at me with wide eyes and asked, “Can I?”

WOW! I almost have a tear in my eye just recalling the moment.

So, I escorted him and his daughter into the pool. We stood over near the edge so his wife could be right there next to it all. I helped him and watched him baptize his little girl. I’m sure it will go down as one of the memories he’ll never, never, never forget.

Is that what family ministry looks like?