Phil JoelI found out about Phil Joel’s new CD, “DeliberateKids” from someone last night… I just can’t remember who. I finally sat down and listened to the samples on the website! Subsequently I went to itunes and bought a copy. I haven’t listened to it enough yet to decide what age group will get the most out of it. I think there are a few songs that the 3-5th graders will like, but definitely some K-2nd grader songs.

Okay, here’s the bottom line. I really like Phil Joel. He’s truly a professional and has been for many years both as a solo artist and as part of the Newsboys. He’s definitely taken his gifts and talents and created an album for the kids. Could you imagine if more mainstream artists did this… like SuperChic, Toby Mac, Reliant K and others (okay, some of these did Veggie Rocks… which was very fun). Anyway, the songs are great, the quality is great; I totally recommend a copy for your ministry.

As a bonus, this guy is really serious about his audiences’ faith. Newsboys promoted “big time” the purple book, which I think they gave out free copies at their concerts (it was a great discipleship tool). Phil Joel talks about his passion to help people develop their faith in videos on this DeliberatePeople website. He’s so serious about people having daily time with the Lord and even provides tools for reading through the Bible in a year or 6 months. So, if any main-stream artist is going to attempt to do something for the kids, I’m definitely glad it’s Phil. Buy a copy, you’ll enjoy it!