Thanks to everyone who has been praying for my pirate face. It really is an honor to have people all around the US praying, many of whom I’ve never met in person. You guys are amazing!

So, I figured I’d give regular updates on this little “disorder” I have at the moment.

Well, my condition got worse. Not much, but when I posted last week, it hadn’t gotten as bad as I though it was going to get. By Thursday, I think it bottomed out. You can see from the pictures below the difference between Monday night and now.

However, I’m still grateful that it really is still a slight case. Most people don’t notice it at all. Really, it’s only when I laugh and smile that people can tell. For that I’m very grateful.

Here’s the good news that I’ve learned. It seems like everyone knows someone who has had it and I’ve been able to compare stories. The shortest bout was someone’s uncle that I met today who only had it for 10-15 days. The longest bout was someone who had it for 9 months (although I’ve read that it can last longer… but it’s rare). So, I’m encouraged that this thing is probably going to go away and life will return to normal.

So, here’s the funny thing I’ve learned. Today I taught a baptism class for a group of 15 or so kids and their parents. I learned that I have to be highly focused on annunciation, otherwise I sound a little like Sylvester the Cat. You know, “Thufferin’ Thuccotash!” So, if I didn’t pay close attention to the endings of my words, the weaker side of my mouth wanted to make slight farting noises. Not cool… but for a group of kids… pretty funny.

I am grateful for good friends though. Jonathan Cliff and his family drove through Austin and stayed the night. They brought my 4 year-old son a puzzle, but it was difficult enough, I think that they intended it for me. Maybe they were thinking that doing this puzzle one time a day would be the mental exercise I need to get my brain working correctly again. Thanks a lot Cliffs!

So, that’s my weekly health update. Keep sending prayers when you think of me.

Monday Afternoon

Sunday Evening: