orange-logo-april08So yesterday I announced that next week would be Orange week here at Children’s Ministry Online. My reasoning? Well, I just officially registered for Orange 2010 and next week I’ll be hitting the Orange Tour in Dallas. Why not?

Well, my intention to personally blog “orange” next week has picked up some momentum. A friend over at ReThink liked the idea and asked me to give some resources and stuff away. Woo hoo! Free stuff always makes people happy. Then my friend Dan Scott over at Ada Bible asked if he could participate (like he really had to ask). Then I started thinking, this thing could be bigger than my personal thoughts about Orange.

So, I’m extending the invitation. I’ve invited several other bloggers I know to participate as well. Hopefully the end result is a lot of perspectives and ideas about using the Orange strategy. We all benefit. If you’re interested in participating, shoot me an email (or just comment on this post) and I’ll get you some details (such as Orange topics each day).

So, just so you know, Orange week will launch on Sunday, so be sure to log in or check your feed reader that day. We’ll be giving something away everyday, so you won’t want to miss it. The best thing of all, it’s going to be a great collaborative effort by several people who’ve seen this strategy change lives. If you’re new to Orange or are not sure what it’s all about, you’re about to get a pretty big dose.