Quick question for those of you who have multiple campuses.

I’ve found that there are sections of our policy manual that are “site-specific.” In redesigning our policy manual, I’ve created a core manual with addendum. These addendum includes specific content for check-in volunteers, early childhood, elementary, special needs and paid childcare. I don’t want every volunteer to have to sort through one super long policy manual, but rather tell them to read the core manual and the addendum that applies to the area they’re serving in.

However, I’m trying to think ahead concerning multi-site with the core manual and these addendums. As we continue to launch multiple sites, about 95% of the material in the manuals will apply regardless of the site. However, that 5% that is site specific is scattered all throughout the manuals. I can imagine making changes to a core policy and then having to go through each manual looking for how that policy affects each campus.

So, my question. How do you other multi-site people do your policies and procedures for multiple campuses. Do you have a core manual with extra stuff that pertains to individual campuses. I’m looking for a solution that is as simple as possible.