So I need some ideas. Those of you who are portable church experts might have a simple solution for us, but all are welcome to make suggestions.

Corey Schwarz, Gateway’s South Campus Children’s Pastor just rearranged where the kids are meeting. I think what he’s done is a GREAT idea. It’s better use of space and has the potential to be much more fun. However, we have one problem. Ugly trophy cases. As you enter the kid’s space, you see the check-in and welcome area. They plan to purchase a 20 foot long banner that will hang over the railing right above check-in which should look great and make it very obvious as to where to check in. However, as you walk into the kids area, you’re greeted by a giant 18 foot wide trophy case. The Early Childhood rooms are behind the trophy case, so people have to walk around it. There are two other cases on the sides, but they’re not in the center of focus like this one is. We want to hide it and that’s where we need your help.


Entry to Kids’ Quest. Our wide banner will cover up the railing including the “covington colts.” Look straight past the check-in you can see the trophy case.


Bam! There it is. You go to the left to get to 4-5’s and elementary and to the right to get to babies through 3’s.


Here it is from one side.


Here it is from the other side.


Here’s the view from the back just in case you want to know.

So here’s what we’ve talked about. A HUGE banner that is fun and exciting. In addition to the banner would be some directional signs pointing the way. Unfortunately, the school is pretty particular in what we’re not allowed to do, including screws, nails or anything that would damage the trophy case or walls above and below it. We’ve thought about pipe & drape (15 feet is as wide as it goes… case is 18 wide). We’ve talked about several contraptions that might hold up or hang the banner on, but we’re limited to what will store easily, what doesn’t look shoddy and what is easy to put up and take down.

It doesn’t have to be a banner or say “Kids Quest.” We’d just love to make the trophy case into something good and useful instead of being an eyesore. Any ideas? We’d certainly appreciate what you’ve done in the past.